Football Tycoon

Posted by TugaTycoon On February - 2 - 2011

Football Tycoon

Think you can manage a soccer team to the heavens and glory? Buying Manchester City straight away would be fun, but you barely have enough millions for a 2nd division team. Will that stop you from finding fortune? Football Tycoon only has 2 teams available to your budget, but millions more are available for a loan. Be prudent, many global reputed teams have huge debts pilling up you wouldn’t risk loosing Ronaldo if Real Madrid were to miss any payment.

And from here begin winning matches and at last the league, at this point, or maybe the year right after you’ll be able to afford a new team, from the 1st division. This might be easier for you to compete there but you can also try with your current team.

Within the team management you can upgrade your stadium, control the ticket prices, buy star players, hire the staff, control your´s and club´s debt, corrupt the officials, dope your players and many others things! Are you feeling ready?


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